Monday, 31 March 2014


Did you hear about the jellybean who decided to try online dating?

He was looking for his ideal candy-date.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Welcome to the blog.

I would like to take a minute to let you know what I'm planning to do here. If you like the sound of it you can keep coming back and if it's not for you I won't waste your time. Most of the content is going to be my own original work, apart from the hyperlinks I include. The idea here is Things Worth Shouting About. So yeah I'm going to "shout"  about things that blow my mind, things that excite/frustrate/inspire get the picture.

Things you will find here:
  • Reviews of unfair reviews (shows, books, albums, movies etc.)
  • Photography (landscape, street, nature, abstract)
  • Writing (an autobiographical experiment entitled "Things I Smelled Today", short stories and musings of the stream of consciousness type, and the occasional poem) 
  • Pop culture references you might not get and I'm not going to explain.
  • Politics (mainly it'll be a human rights or environmental issues. I'm an ecologist and I have a heart. I can't help that.)

Things you won't find here:
  • Youtube links to epic fails, Rube Goldberg machines, pets in mirrors etc. Not that I'm above that I just have a place for that. It's called Youtube. I have two channels there if you want to check them out here
  • and here:
  • Rants. I will endeavour to be balanced and fair with my outrage and not be publicly malicious to any attempts at art or creative pursuits however ill advised they may be.
  • Unbiasedness. It's my page. They're my opinions. It's My Shout.

That's pretty much it. I hope there is something here for you to enjoy.